• wanderingmind_2k4 5w

    A hollow feeling

    The night is dark,
    It echoes words to my soul,

    Heartbeat runs louder,
    With each breath,

    Words come and go,
    Like a breeze,
    Trapping my soul,

    This mask of smiles,
    Works wonders,
    But in the night it broke,

    Demons call me to
    The darkest places,

    Hugging me through the pain,
    The heart feels like,
    Being clenched in a fist,

    The pain gets deeper

    My wounds stitched
    With emotions once again,

    For the wounds are open,
    And needles hurt more,

    The air feels heavy,
    The heart is in pain,
    The body is nervous,

    Mind is tired,

    For the night brings darkness once again,

    For the darkness has
    Taken over again,

    For the mask has
    Been broken again,

    For the body has left,
    Me again