• sampan 6w

    When I am down and the world is up 

    When life seems all  hazy and tough

    When I am an imposter to my own self 

    When I am lost and left with no help

    When life snatches hard  when I don't see

    The October wind comes and touches me

    Oh the touch,cool,lively,pure and clear 

    Enfolds fully all around me like a dear 

    Revives,reforms and refreshes my soul 

    Gives my dormant self a slow,slight toll 

    Pours a spirit to rise and prepare for strife

    In the battlefield of this dark,mysterious life 

    Oh Wind you are like the angel God sends 

    Who fights and saves us  from many fends

    What life changing elements you possess 

    I am free from all the bondage and mess 

    What eternal strength and magic you have

    That you came and touched me to  save