• thinkofmelaterinlife 36w

    Happy Mother’s Days

    Magnetic to love

    My mom is the greatest she the one, she the cooking cleaning driving one that cries when she know when she their for me,
    My mom is infinity 100% greatest person, I love her in my heart I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day.

    When she gives me her hugs? I give her my biggest one,
    When she opens her gifts?, “She is so ‘Surprise in what she wanted,’
    What does a mom mean to me? “True life of being there and seeing the wonders of wonderful of a mom she can be,
    I love you mom, My Love is always gonna be with you inside or outside.

    Put the Mom in first
    Love is spiritual never gets invisible
    The mother love is looking real visual,
    It’s a miracle to have that caring cherish mother who loves back,
    This day is a best mother’s day you can have,
    because I will always love my mom and Mother’s Day With Be celebrate everyday,
    Be the one and only mom the one whose closely but the one who’s Holy .