• shaill 10w

    My life

    When I look back,
    Look at those feelings,
    I find my self being self,
    Lived many characters,
    Been into many life's,
    Some of them my own,
    Some without choice,
    Lot of compromises,
    I am not who I was,
    The innocent childhood,
    With time has lost shine,
    Some principle of being,
    Are still held strong,
    For which I struggle,
    When I look behind,
    I am forced to look,
    What I had what I lost,
    On my journey of adulthood,
    May be I lost the path midway,
    Out of my affections and attachment,
    The lust has lost in the way,
    The manic dust of my friends,
    Now who don't fall on my way,
    When I turn and look back,
    I find myself restless,
    I find myself loosing path,
    I need to relook rethink,
    Yet I have time to change,
    And I am not done with it.