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    You're the driver of your destiny,
    Passenger of none,
    In control and looking forward
    Of things that must be done.
    You're the captain of your ship,
    Destination unknown,
    Plans to help you get there
    And freedom to bring you home.
    You're the pilot of your airplane;
    Fly as high as you can.
    Life is what you make it,
    So follow your plan.
    Hopes and dreams not yet reached,
    Motivation on display.
    A journey full of ups and downs,
    Experience gained each day.
    Direction is always forward;
    Backwards remains the same.
    Discover your authentic self,
    And have a willingness to change.
    Enhance each quality given.
    Develop talents you were blessed.
    Transform your heart into one of gold,
    And believe in more than yourself.
    Mistakes are made; we move on.
    We get back on our feet.
    I'm here to support you always
    Should you ever need me.
    For every start there is a finish.
    For every beginning there is an end.
    Hold onto your accomplishments,
    And even tighter to your friends.

    --By Kym Erickson

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