• sillyliitlethoughts 23w

    Losing you is pretty bitter sweet.
    I feel broken hearted and weak.
    I feel sad inside because i cant stop thinking of your bliss
    Or our little bubble that we jump into-
    Whenever you want me around.
    You were always too beautiful to be permanent in such a poor life.
    A beautiful soul with a ugly face but so much to give.
    Such a sad thing to grasp knowing your gone im part dead inside.
    I just keeping in my head over that i fucked up.
    Our conversations of so many years passing through my mind.
    I dont want such in depth emotions.
    I thought i wanted pain but this more than i can handle.
    Tonight i hope i get some to sleep.
    Just the fact that i experienced my true self with you...
    Now im tellng myself hed time stories begging to dream,
    Of you.
    Its been 2 whole days of absolute no sleep.
    I cant sleep.
    I dont even want to live.
    You promised never to go,
    Yet i promised my loyalty.
    I deserve this.
    Im alone again.