• ametaphoricalwordshaker 11w

    When things change and people leave, we don't really forget them, do we? We don't bury people's faces in the depths of our souls like a picture of the past that's slowly being forgotten. We don't throw their voices at the farthest corners of our minds like a song we don't like to hear. We don't burn the feeling of their calming touches and tight embraces on the obscure places hiding beneath our skins. We don't put our memories with them in secluded whereabouts inside our hearts trying to keep them away from what was left of us. We don't want memories to break us even more. We don't really forget, do we? Maybe we just choose not to remember. We choose not to go back. We don't want to be prisoners of who, what, and where we used to be before everything had changed. No, we don't want to be keepsakes. We're here. We're still here. Maybe we don't really have to go back anymore. Perhaps choosing not to remember is what keeps us alive sometimes.

    —grace //don't go back