• despairlightbreaker 10w

    Can You Help Me?

    Tension tension, a rope twisted for two
    You see,
    I have this rope, the other end is for you
    Hold it,
    When i throw, grab it, or i may get loose
    You can,
    Push or pull it any way you choose
    Can you help me?

    Tension tension, starting in my legs
    Knees, on knees 
    Tension, kneeling ache due for begs
    Then it grows, trapping in my spine
    Body, on body
    Tension breaking, now you're mine
    One more place, hitting in the head
    Breath, on breath
    Tension, let go now, look where it led?
    Can you help me?

    Holding tight, to hold on tight
    Day holds day, then turns to night
    Nothing but tension, hands are right
    Feeding me, this appetite

    Can you help me?
    Tension full, trigger aimed on you
    Targeted, all the signs paint bright
    Touching in a neon light
    Hold on tight

    Pull, the rope burns, the agony
    It pains, the want, a fantasy 
    I have time, the fate, don't pass on me
    Because I have things you want
    Tie me up, then see