• ga_bree_lla 5w

    Depression is back

    Depression is back.
    Feels like you never left,
    You have been at the corner of my mind,
    Watching and laughing at me, trying to get back my life.

    Loneliness is back.
    You could not even stay away for another month,
    Hiding beneath my sleeve,
    Watching me hold on to people that would always leave.

    The demons are back.
    I knew you never left,
    You hid yourself in the silence i created,
    And watched me lie and pretend.

    The razor cuts are back.
    The scars you left were never enough,
    Taking shelter beneath my perfect skin,
    Waiting for me to commit the painful sin.

    Sucidal thoughts are back.
    I really thought I conquered you,
    But right now it feels like you locked me up in a room,
    Awaiting for the day of doom.

    Depression is back,
    Like it ever left.