• sreeramvan 30w

    When a scattered mind writes, it sends strong emotions and yet the words may sound not strong enough.. they have million things running around in the head and can't put it all in one...
    #scatter #writersnetwork

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    A scattered mind,
    Can't dwell on one thing,
    A million things run at one time..
    Never to stay in one place..
    Never been caught..
    No one,
    Could keep up..
    A scattered brain,
    Couldn't dream..
    U try to keep me down,
    U try to make me stay..
    How long can you?
    Once a flight risk,
    Always a flight risk..
    Stay untill..
    I will..
    No promises,
    I don't hold on,
    I won't keep it..
    A scattered heart,
    I am made to fly and run..
    Never to stay..