• aafreen_a 31w

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    He was the sweet golden boy
    She was the crazy girl bubbled up in joy
    He cares for her now and then
    Where he itself doesn't know,
    He is caging her in den
    But she always wanted to be free
    She begged him and plea
    He thought she doesn't like him
    For she is a girl who isn't proper and prim,
    He let her out and never looked back
    She was broken as hell but
    Wanted the relationship fair
    Now she will go to him
    Only for once
    Think everything will be okay and she could do her dance,
    But all turned out sore
    The word 'I care for you' suddenly changed into 'who are you?'
    His words were sharp and told her to go
    But never once he knew it's because of the ego.

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    Two hearts were ripped in the war called Ego.