• mahima_sangwan 22w

    Neither AAP, nor BJP is responsible for the present air quality disaster. It is the attitude of people like us who is responsible. We can't teach our children to not burst crackers. We go to black markets to purchase them. We are stubborRanple when government wants us to be co-operative. We don't understand that crackers is a new form of culture and not a part of original tradition of diwali. How can we teach our children the same? And then every year it is us who blame farmers and want them to go extra mile for environment. Yes, they are contributing but do they have any other reasonable option? And we, we do have an option. That option is to change our attitude. That option is to not blame government but to listen to them when they ask you to stop..! You are breathing this air. How come this is only the responsibility of governments! And what it is going to take from us? How long does it take to decide for your family and give alternative ways to celebrate to your children?
    If Lord Ram is watching you, then dear people, you are in real danger. He didn't left this planet to us to be used and spoilt like this..!