• karlee 35w

    A to Z love story

    A charming girl & a cute boy loved each other,
    But they never hate each other.
    Cute boy didn't say his love to the
    Dare girl at the first sight.
    Even the boy didn't say his love after many days,
    Fair & beauty girl expressed her love first.
    Girl gave him a bouquet of roses by
    Holding his hand and saying
    I love you dear and I love to lead our life
    Journey as a couple in front our
    Kith and Kin along with our
    Lovable parents blessings to
    Marry you with infinite happiness which
    Never spoils through out our lovely life.
    On this pretty life, you and I are best
    Pair ever on this universe as I'm a
    Queen of your home and making you all to
    Rejoice after being your
    Sweetest wife and in-law of your parents.
    Thank God for giving me this
    United family and I make it as a
    Valuable one to the society
    With a lot of endless happiness like a
    Xylophone's wonderful music and it goes with
    Years and years of affectionate to
    Zealously engaged as your lover till last breathe.

    Yours lovingly
    Karthikeyan Krishnan