• hadixxaatu 6w

    Knight or beast

    The wind of change
    Has taken its fist and thrust it
    Into the greedy bloodthirsty beast

    You would think they have learnt
    But they are savage cannibals in disguise
    Of human cloth

    Help! Help! The voice scream
    Who to help
    The knight that sworn to guard
    Is now one that slaughters

    O! Freedom why thou you forsake me
    Enslave am I by the same who I elect
    Oh country of youths must you feed on the
    Same pity as our fathers
    Must we cry with silent voices
    While our brothers and sisters souls wanders
    Whispering justice! Oh! Justice

    Oh! Country of youths if not now
    For the bloodthirsty beast must be brought to it knees
    For the knight who promise to serve and betrays
    Must be destroy