• ummuxabdulrahman 4w

    Letter to dad

    Dear dad....
    Daddy dearest, I miss you so much,
    I still can't believe you are gone forever
    After the news of your death ,I wept and wept
    After a while I started laughing, yes dad!
    I was laughing and grateful to God
    Allah chose death for you and I understood
    Death was better for you I hope you are resting!
    No more pains,no more cries just laughter now
    I promise to be strong for you dad
    Even though I know I'm gonna miss you so much
    And It might take a while to get use to this!
    But I promise I will be better in sha Allah
    I pray I meet you again in Al- JANNAH FIRDAUS
    I pray your grave is wide and peaceful
    I love you dad before now and forever
    Yours truly lil tee baby