• gehna09 6w


    perhaps just a number for most. an age. a prime. much more than a numeral. an entire span of three hundred and sixty five days. an entire span where you know and grow.

    i was seventeen once. Not long back I'd say. About a month and a half ago. and I was naive.

    up until that one forbidden evening where I thought I had all the control in the world. Over myself. And then suddenly I didn't. You see people say, 17 is a young age. You're just children. You're way too young to comprehend the world in its full throttle. But 17 is also the age where it isn't always noxious. It's not deep enough to engrave you with formidable lessons but it's also not impossible to attain zenith.

    So , I fell in the forbidden whirlpool of emotions. Now I won't name it because you already know. And I was told no. No because I was too young. No because I was naive. No because it wasn't in the right state of mind.

    But I blew them away.

    People were always bored so they wanted me to be in the shackles of realism. I, on the contrary, wanted the other way out. I wanted the thrill. The life. Only, I was too scared. I was in the whirlpool with a life jacket. And one day someone pulled that off. And you know what? I didn't sink. I was afraid I'd drown into the unknown. Now well, I don't know how long can I swim. But there's always someone to hold onto. And if I sink so be it.

    The elders would call this lunacy. I'd call this lunacy too.

    But what the hell do I know. I'm only a year ahead of 17.

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