• raghavendran 6w

    The Last Laugh

    The poem tells the story of the great 'Battle Royal' waged between the scavengers of the sky and the scavengers of the land, with all the twists and turns, and how it ended in a ludicrous manner.

    The Last Laugh,
    A Drama Unfolds

    The huge bison lay dead
    At the edge of the forest,
    Its rotting flesh spreading the smell
    Of invitation to the scavengers.

    Soon gathered around the carcass
    Scavengers of the sky
    And those that prowl the land,
    Each fighting for its share,
    Each showing its animosity
    To the other claimant.

    The body was opened up
    By the persistent efforts
    Of teeth and claws,
    With torn flesh and skin hanging,
    But the strong bones stood
    Defiant and unyielding
    To the brutal force.

    Vultures and hyenas each
    Tried to scare the other
    Into leaving the scene
    With utmost cunning
    And hidden threats.

    A strong vulture of the group,
    Seemingly the leader,
    Spoke in a stentorian voice.

    “Take yourself away, you all,
    Now and at once
    From this battle field,
    Else you’ll find yourselves
    A rotting carcass
    Just like the one
    You are now feeding on”.

    Having uttered the threat,
    In a show of belligerence,
    He jumped high
    Only to land
    On the exposed bones
    Of the dead bison
    With such tremendous force
    That his fat leg
    With its claws together
    Glided between the bones-
    Two strong ones,
    Smeared with blood and the slimy flesh.

    He was stunned
    At the unforeseen accident,
    He found himself trapped
    In the rib cage.

    Every attempt he made
    Took its toll on his strength,
    He turned deathly pale
    While the entire clan
    Looked on without a clue.

    But there was glee
    On the wily faces
    Of the four-legged ones
    That were watching
    The hilarious drama
    Of the boaster
    Suffering the ignominy
    For all his bluster.

    The crowd of stunned vultures,
    Rendered leaderless,
    Moved closer to their leader,
    In a show of solidarity
    And display of valour.

    Laughing aloud in chorus
    To hide their sinking courage,
    They warned the advancing hyenas
    Of grave consequences
    If they dared approach
    Their valiant leader.

    “You’ll be torn to pieces
    Once he is free,
    Step back from where you’re,
    Unless you’re driven
    By a death wish”

    But the hyenas were aware
    That the game was over
    For the struggling leader
    With no strength or power
    To free himself
    From the unyielding trap.

    A lean, hungry hyena,
    Driven by extreme hunger
    And emboldened by the sight
    Of the strengthless bird
    Leaped high in the air
    And caught the vulture’s head
    In a vice-like grip
    Of his strong teeth
    And landed with a thud,
    With the vulture’s head,
    Struggling in the mouth,
    With blood, feathers and all;

    While the avian creed
    Looked aghast,
    It was the four-legged ones
    That had the last laugh.

    Raghav R