• joallen 6w

    Why do I write

    Socially awkward, my room door closed,
    You speak so open, my lips are closed.
    I stand in the corner, stifling a moan,
    Pleading for a voice of my own. 

    My best smile out, you walk on by,
    Am I invisible or am I just shy?
    Alone in the shadows, my ever active mind,
    I talk to myself, everyday. All the time.

    My clothes doesn't fit, my hair is a mess,
    My social background is put to the test.
    Around me erupts with laughter and noise,
    I play with my books, they are my only toys.

    I've been here forever, since day one,
    My name is a mystery, your guesses are wrong.
    I'm standing behind you, I'm next in line,
    You looked straight through me, to the other girl.