• power_petals 10w

    It's OKAY

    It's OKAY to be sorry for something you are at no fault.
    It's OKAY to be broken at sometimes.
    It is  OKAY to be the person who 'doesn't fit in'.
    It is OKAY to leave toxic people, to be mean at times, to prioritise yourself first- always.
    It's OKAY to not excel in everything.
    It's OKAY to be called 'weirdo'.
    It's OKAY to procrastinate on somedays.
    It is OKAY to just live somedays, without pondering over future.
    Trust me dear, it's really OKAY to be the hero and villain of your own life.


    You know, what ISN'T OKAY -
    Is you failing,
    Not listening to your heart,
    Constantly over-burdening yourself with guilt and regret,
    Is you not smiling and holding yourself together at tough times,
    Not getting over a breakup just because you had truly loved,
    Not wearing your victories and failures as glorious crown and scars,
    Not accepting yourself as the protagonist of your story- the beautiful story of your life.