• ish000 9w

    Feelings for you

    I don't know the relation
    It has been full of confusion.
    May be because
    I don't know what is love
    Or may be lack of my acceptance
    But you are my trove.
    I don't know what you think of me
    Let me tell you, you are very special for me.
    You are my best friend I ever had
    So plzz smile dear, why are you so sad.
    After my dad,
    I respect you most in this world,
    You always loved me unconditionally
    But I was having conditions in every word.
    Sorry is such a negligible thing
    | do create lots of problems
    Inspite of that we are together
    And I am proud of that.
    I don't know how to express
    But I care you
    Don't take stress
    It never suits on you.
    I will not say 'always smile'
    It's not possible
    But do it occasionally
    I love your smile.
    Take care of yourself
    It matters to me lot.
    Sometimes I become selfish
    Don't listen to me that time at all.
    You will reach the success
    God will definitely bless you
    Do where your happiness lies,
    Not for others or just to do.