• scaredycat 6w

    Be quiet

    I would like to have the ability to say,
    Without hesitation,
    without needing to hide a clueless grimace,
    Or twirling my hair through my finger tips to ease my anxiety
    And frustration
    And perhaps a little bit of guilt,
    That I know for certain
    That You are
    Exactly where I want to be,
    Right now.
    I mean,
    You know,
    How can anyone ever truly be,
    100% certain about anything,
    Let alone any one person.
    And how can some one be
    100% sure
    They won't say one thing one minute
    Then change their mind the next.
    How can anyone expect
    Some body to know
    What it is they truly want when they themselves aren't really sure.
    Why does any one person even need to commit?
    Where the hell did this impossible,
    And Naive concept come from?
    Where there is dedication there is disappointment.
    When one makes desicions,
    Soon to follow will be doubt.
    When one feels desire,
    Eventually they'll be repulsed.
    When one chooses to commit,
    Deep down there's will inevitably be an urge to be free.