• brianna_m_salmon 10w

    Rough Translation

    She's everything you tell your daughter not to be,
    She's the one you tell your son to leave,
    She's inappropriate, loud and aggressive,
    She's almost never neat,

    She bites her nails,
    She stares unapologetically at people,
    She chews loudly,
    She sometimes forgets to wash her hair,
    She's kind of disgusting,

    What you don't see,
    Is who she really is,

    She cries late at night,
    When the moon is bright,
    Under the stars,
    Her broken heart,
    Ignites with pain,

    You see her soul is falling apart,
    She is losing herself,
    She's becoming nothing more than a shell,
    Of self hate, disgrace and intolerance for herself,
    She's a shattered girl,
    And all you see is the world's,
    Rough Translation of her existence.