• _extremities_ 47w

    You are a string connected to my heart❤
    And your colour is pure as heaven❤
    The moment i started dreaming about uh❤
    Sleeplessness has taken me❤
    I cannot get off of uh❤
    Eyes yearn more of uh❤
    No matter how long i see uh❤
    I feel time is running ahead of uh❤
    So stay a little more my love❤
    Stay a little more❤
    Without uh days are melancholic❤
    And so nights are breathless❤
    Narrating your love they both get passes❤
    It's hard to stay far away from uh❤
    I lose myself if i get away from uh❤
    I look to stay closer❤
    Only if uh get what i want from uh❤
    Stay a little more my love❤
    Just stay a little more❤❤