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    Tears are like the rain,
    When we can't take it anymore,
    It automatically falls down,

    Clouds collect water vapor,
    When it's too heavy,
    Rain falls.

    Rain falls gently,
    When clouds are thin.

    Rain falls roughly,
    When clouds are thick.

    Just like tears,
    The thinner the reason,
    The gentler the tears flow.

    But the thicker the reason,
    Just like when you run out of patience,
    The rougher the tears flow.

    You have to cry it out,
    Even just little amount of tears.

    Because the more you store it,
    It will be like a storm when you've had enough,
    With anger as strong as thunder.

    Rain is also a good thing,
    After the rain,
    The sun shines as beautiful as new.

    Just like when you cry,
    Tears are the result of our emotions,
    The stronger the emotions equals the amount of tears.

    Let's be honest with ourselves,
    Cry if we have to,
    After it, we can breath calmly again.


    This was just a random thought, not really sure if the details are correct. I just felt like comparing rain with tears.

    #randomthoughts #rain #mirakee #miraquill

    picture: Wallpaper Cave CTTO.

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    Let it rain,
    to feel
    lively again.