• walkerofpaths 5w



    Like a sea of salted blood,
    I float stinking and putrid,
    Walloing in this slick mess,
    Eyes rolled back,
    Fucking satan's caress,
    I'm possessed maybe blessed.

    I have tsunami inside me,
    That's what you can't see,
    Permanent third degree,
    Seared off nerve endings.

    I come to this point,
    Foaming with fury,
    Vision always gets blurry,
    But I never have any worries.

    I keep pulling all this rage,
    This hurt and pain,
    Hold it in till the brink of insane,
    Still sopping wet with regret and shame,
    I keep it far away from the flames,
    I need it moist and alive because I'm not willing to let it die.

    I need to suffer for my transgressions,
    Only then can I complete the mission and end division,
    I believe this mantra but I fear the occurance,
    When it all goes down,
    Seeing myself in your eyes,
    A reflection forever frozen in that painful projection,
    Cast in anger,
    Flooding and overwhelming,
    Ending and condemning.