• mayalarkin 36w

    What a beautiful family
    What a beautiful wedding
    How two broken souls
    Can come together
    And form something whole
    What a beautiful concept
    That turns sour in reality
    Don’t close the door
    Don’t shut the drapes
    Don’t let the secrets form
    Because behind the door
    And through those drapes
    The beautiful symbol
    Of connection and rebirth
    Turns to something dark
    Please open the door
    Stop this before this goes too far
    Don’t let him hit her again
    Get her help before she hurts someone else
    Please don’t close that door again
    Please don’t let it start again
    Please let’s go outside
    Let’s go to church
    Let’s go somewhere they can’t hurt us anymore
    But it follows
    To church
    To camping
    To family trips
    Until years later it’s over
    And all we are left with are the scars