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    M I D N I G H T ♡ T A L E
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    // H A I K U

    And the moonlight smells like that microtale,
    Everytime I talk to you and look at its bright side,
    He (moon) plays the hide 'n' seek to make me ecstatic every time,
    Whenever I get comfortable with,
    He just hides..

    And I smile with pain to live a half life..
    And I search for new one with bleeding heart to make the flowers my close friend for a while..

    And the moonlight smells like my midnight tale.
    I'll write more tales in the garden when I sit on the bench,
    Gracefully, life is mocking at me and I'm smiling at it,

    You aren't next to me but all I'm talking your grace,
    An intimate beauty that I'm gifting through my ink,
    Just live through the fairytale words and leave it free to feel the greenery of love.

    Breathe deep and smile more,
    I'll take care of myself with every thought of yours.//
    ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

    I gifted him a paper was having my wishes for myself because I couldn't ask for him.

    He is constantly scribbling some of my annoying beauty that he didn't define annoying.

    Well, for the obvious reasons. And then some counselling kind of words which was not actually counselling but my concern for his constant stabbing on some chaos. He agreed with me to disagree.

    And said that he is not afraid of this universe and I heard that he was the universe of living some of more smiles and more of some broken hearts that he gonna write on the clouds with the pen that he invented with his shining eyes, I don't know how there was some magic in his words.

    Maybe he was just saying it out of numbness or just for my smile, but he said with his sober eyes and the vibes that don't pain, yes I won't call it that way.

    He told me a midnight tale.

    He told me about the unsaid love that he didn't tell but I still write those verses.
    ......................... ................. ..... ..... ... .. .
    In his words:

    // when I ask her if he is angry with me,
    Then he gets angry with my question,
    For he can never get angry with me
    Because I'm insane love for him.

    When I tell him about my fears and I'm scared,
    He also feels that pain of getting in despair,
    Because he can not tell me looking into my eyes
    What he wanted to say that I have those vibes in
    this universe,
    He calls them the most special in this whole

    He thinks I'm innocent, he reads my big dreams
    through my eyes.
    He senses my chaotic vibes, for him I have little
    Somehow I told him the stories,
    Where I sketched some of my childhood
    And then he smiles for my kiddish rhymes,
    For him, he is a grown-up man and for that sake
    I called him a sober child,
    Yeah, somewhere in the lines with the huge
    I laugh slowly and smile peacefully and he
    feels my anger when I scold him passionately.
    And then he wishes for me the powers of the
    For the greatest strengths and to give me the
    heart with the strongest love,
    And he was praying for me when his eyes were
    his heart was numb and he stopped thinking
    about the countings that do not count anymore
    until he sees the
    new colours of dusk to dawn and the new
    rhythms to have
    a poem with renewed vigour.

    And he prays more, he smiles more (I don't know if he does but for me, yes)
    He wishes for me that I'll walk on the shores with the strengths that I have a love for,
    But the power for me, he wishes for my sanity
    the journey when I'll be walking to make my powers my armour too.//


    // He scribbled some love and counted that in uncountable
    He wished me for my day,
    That is yet to come in the hope of a new ray,
    I'm still there standing on the shores,
    And I wish he'll come there to wish me having his hands
    with the beautiful flowers.
    Lilys with white haze or the orchids in purple shades.//

    // and he reminded me to be free,
    To create the courage out of fear to live the words for me,
    He painted a portrait again,
    He told me with my incomplete pen,
    The colours are learning to make its shades for the times,
    But for me it's my scribbling portraits that do a complete rhyme,
    Still sketching more but in the wholesome skies,
    We are friends for universe if you know the little beauty of timeless sober wine,
    Don't panic for the beauty you have created to make some teary smiles.//

    //And I'm still waiting for you in the midnight sky,
    Of the yellow, purple and green garden where the leaves are forming the stars to make the moon swing for a lullaby,
    To sleep peacefully and to wake up next morning,
    With the beauty that your smile have,
    With the flames that sunshine fly in the oceanic wave with every beauty of its tide and with the mointains of reassembling my scars,
    From the moonlight that I talk to,
    I talk to through its light,
    And I know when it doesn't shine,
    You're still there having the another world for a while.//



    October 20, 2020.
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    H A I K U

    Midnight tales,
    I'll say for you,
    for the beautiful days.