• scentkeeper 5w

    Vermax sçent

    Once my wife took me.
    To an art gallery.
    I never saw Art like this.
    Actually i wasn't interested in any, Painting by painting i got mesmerised..
    by the use of colors and every painting Was running literally running..
    The colors were swimming across.. People's eye..
    And i stumbled upon a painting..
    I sighed what a wonderful world.. ♥
    What has he laid down..
    The painting was of a girl near a fall..
    Undressing herself in falling water..
    The water was Alive..
    Rocks were solid colored..
    And the girl was the bottle of beauty..
    A bathing deity.. ♥
    I asked my love who is this guy..
    She pointed at the name..
    It said Irrelevant...
    And said i used to know this guy..
    Oh yeah and you never told me..
    Vermax, you are this irrelevant painter..
    But i can't paint you know that baby..
    She says, "So why you always say you like every color"..
    I don't know it's like i can't choose between perfection and love..
    She rips the name irrelevant.
    Which was taped on the canvas..
    And there was written Vermax sçent..
    I remember my son talking about him..
    Saying dad i lost a friend and that's, Vermax sçent, Mom says he's sleeping. And now i understand who is thst guy..
    I teared up and said what happened to me why can't i remember.. She said you had an accident.. You were coming to show me this painting about our trip, And the first painting about me, I love you....my lost painter ♥ everyone there started clapping, She told me that everyone was a painter...
    And they appreciated my intense work.. One young looking boy. Came to me and said will you paint again?