• hope212 5w

    Someone asked me today: Can one write a love letter to someone they've never even met in person? Is it even okay to love them then?
    My answer to that is, love who makes you feel loved. Love who inspires you and makes you push yourself and do better. Love who you want to love because the emotion of TRUE love comes once in a lifetime. You never know if you've found it so take the risk because maybe you have. #love #life #friendship

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    I never understood how such a simple four letter word could have such power. “Love.” A small word with such a big definition. What does it even mean? Why is it so important? Sometimes, I think love is something that can’t be defined properly because of how many ways it could be described. Some would say it’s the base of life, while to others it’s nothing. I personally agree that love is what shapes life. It’s indescribable just as many other emotions are. It’s imperfect just as we ourselves are. In a way, it IS who we are. But when im trying to describe love I think it’s when the slightest thought of the one you're fond of sends chills rushing down your spine. When their voice makes your heart race and your breath gets caught in your throat. It’s when it doesn’t matter to you how they look or how they sound and you just want them as they are. It’s when you’re willing and committed. People love in different ways. Some get jealous when their partner is with someone else while others trust their partner no matter what. Neither one is wrong its just the way certain people react. 

    So now, here's where I say it. I love you. Yes, I LOVE you. I love your ridiculous humor and your deep voice even though you’ve only let me hear it a few times. I know ill love the way you look simply because it's YOU. It's not anyone else it's YOU and I just want you for who you are. I love your cute reactions and your sarcasm. I love everything about you. You’ve never upset me and if you have, then I can’t remember because your kindness has made up for it. You’ve never failed to make me smile and always manage to stop my tears immediately no matter how upset I am and make me laugh. You are ALWAYS there to listen to me no matter how stupid it is and you don’t get annoyed by it. You’re amazing. And everytime I talk to you, that's all I can think. You’re great. I love you. Thank you for sticking by me and thank you for being who you are and being different. Meeting you was a gift that ill forever be thankful for. They say fall in love with your best friend and even if you don’t love me the way I love you or don’t date, im glad I have.