• the_inhabitant 10w

    A Clockwork Homo sapiens

    We people keep blaming people,
    Quoting pompous phrases,
    Proceeding to compose poetries,
    with fancy diction,
    detailing the flaws of the human race,
    glorifying "escapism", "isolation",
    all the while considering our own selves
    as "naive", " innocent",

    Have we ever considered the
    possibility of an alternative,
    a moment where our "self"
    might be the bad guy,
    and the rest was just the
    consequence of our actions?
    The self then chooses to draw the blinds,
    Worse still, trying to justify,
    giving innumerous reasons,
    countless justifications,
    blaming the society,
    often forgetting that "we" are the cogs and wheels,
    running its clockwork,
    It runs forward when we do,
    It shall come to a halt when we do,
    It goes around comes around,
    makes a full circle,

    Yet, we write pages of hurt,
    betrayal, pain received from the world,
    as if we are some beings too "divine" for the
    soil and its dirt,
    When we say, " Stay away from people",
    there is nothing more ironical,
    for are we not unconsciously framing ourselves too?
    If "others" are so bad,
    then how are you still thriving?
    If you say, "people don't understand me",
    you are claiming that you too don't,
    Aren't you a person, a human,
    an element through and through,
    or are you dwelling in the illusion
    that the world revolves around you?