• ruthy_1924 10w

    I need you all to start caring.
    This is not a poem.

    Hold on, wait a minute.
    Yes you, behind your phone screen.
    Freeze everything for a second in time,
    And think.

    What the hell happened?

    Social media runs our lives,
    Our government isn't telling us the truth,
    Everyone is starting to get sick,
    And we are suffocating our earth with garbage and fumes.

    Suicide rates are higher than they've ever been,
    Drugs are consuming our minds whole,
    And the echos of us exclaiming "I hate people" ring forever in my mind.

    Women can't walk the streets without being afraid for their lives.
    Men can't turn 18 without having to sign for a draft. We all own guns...

    The color of your skin determines the type of person you are, and the religion you practice is always wrong.
    Money is a symbol of greatness, and abundance or lack of it symbolizes your worth.

    We're all so busy hiding behind a phone screen.
    The only thing we care about is ourselves...
    Where did our love and compassion for people go?
    Where did our common sense go?

    This a world wide crisis, we have to do something about it and raise awareness!
    Who's fucking with me???
    We can all do something about it!

    One person alone cannot push a train 10 miles,
    But 200 people can!
    If we work together as a whole and stop fighting about who is in the wrong, we will make significant improvements.