• withywriting 5w

    Remember When

    I remember when,
    I received the call,
    The call, that changed my life.

    I remember when,
    I saw the nurse, hands grasped, tightly, around an ambu bag.
    I, in a panic, grabbed my phone, and began to play phone tag.

    I remember when,
    The ambulance rushed south,
    Doctor said,
    "Her brain won't stop swelling!"
    No words could escape my mouth.

    I remember when,
    I saw a machine breathing for you; Ventilation.
    Nothing good could come of this, I knew,
    My baby sister, Sami, was only sixteen.
    What a lot for a mother to have to miss.

    I remember when,
    I waited for an answers; end of operation.
    Minutes turned to hours; frustration.
    All my thoughts zoomed.
    Mother, topic of all conversation.

    I remember when,
    The doctor, honest and considerate, updated with the news,
    "Uncontrolled cerebral edema",
    What all this was about.

    I remember when,
    Family gathered all around.
    Each kissed you, and held your hand.
    Cries if moan, the only sound,
    "Mommy was on her way to the green land."

    I remember when,
    I drove home, exhausted, not knowing the near future,
    "Would I see you in the morning?
    By then, the grass would be frosted."
    If only, there had been warning.

    I remember when,
    Organ donation, I insisted.
    A tough decision.
    Helping others, came to vision.
    A piece of Mom, would live again.

    I remember when,
    A funeral to plan; all four daughters present.
    All responsibility left to the eldest,

    I remember when,
    200 or more came to the funeral.
    All gathered around, with saddened frowns, followed by tears.
    How to understand,
    What a tragedy.
    "Why such short years?"

    I remember when,
    The preacher, his mission, was to teach,
    Erika, Autumn, Sami, and Suzanne,
    Side by side; Nannan sat and cried.

    I remember when,
    Paul barriers carried you away.
    Off to Olive Branch,
    A place for you to rest,
    "Why, Mom, Can't you stay?"

    I remember when,
    Each person laid a red rose, your eternal resting place, to the right of your baby sister, Vanessa.
    Lowered, in the ground, there was no stopping,
    I glanced, from sister to sister, and said,
    "I'm going to miss her ".

    In memory of, my mom, Maria Charlene Minton
    May 30, 1970 - February 24, 2010