• withywriting 22w

    My Other Half, Score

    My harsh reality,
    I'm traumatized and unhealthy.
    Where's the cameras?
    Cuz how did I attract someone
    as perfect as you, during my fatality?
    I see a caring, stubborn, man.
    An American Badass, all I've got to say is, Damn!
    I want to be your woman, not your patient.
    That, a patient, is not allowed! It's forbidden!
    That is my final statement!
    This bond, this feeling m, intuition, together!
    Boy, I'm already losing my patience, cuz I want you forever!
    You, my new partner, my new friend, I've wrote about you, so many times before!
    Just, please, kiss me, I'm done keeping score!
    But best believe I want you now and forever more!