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    Plug in your earphones , stream any maa song but would prefer song "MAA" to play for a better experience ��

    *Warning - This write-up may make you emotional.


    Isn't it such a holy word. I seriously got goosebumps after chanting this word for 5-6 times. The moment you say the word Maa , Aaai (marathi) , Ammi , Amma etc. Doesn't they give you a satisfaction or sukoon.

    Some of us have our Maa and some don't. I can feel the pain who don't have their maa. Ok ! I have my mother , which is the biggest blessing to me , but still I can feel the pain , as i have seen the pain in my mother and father's eyes. Last year my mother lost her mother(my nani). Whenever she talks about nani she breaks up into tears. I lost my dadi when I was really young , maybe around 5-6 years old I was.

    I guess in 2018, my mother went through a surgery, and that time I felt really alone as papa use to stay with mumma and I was alone home with my brother , it really felt so lonely , I used to cry at night for this I wasn't able to handle.

    And you know when my mother used to cry in childhood , I too used to cry saying " Mummy aap mat roh nahi toh mein bhi rounhgi"

    In my class a child lost his mother , and I could just could have feel that beacuse , if sometimes when we come back home and we don't found our mothers we are like " areey mummy kahan chali gayi sab thik toh haina ". We get really scared when we don't find our mothers at home. We are so close to our mothers that we can't stay a moment without them. Many times , I have experienced , whenever I get angry on my mother (for getting a scolding) first I hate her , but then I feel sorry . You may have also experienced this many times. Once lord Vishnu said "Maa duniya ki sabsi badi Shakti hai" , I ma forgotten those exact lines but they were somewhat like this.

    Maa is the one who care about you and understands you very well , just once try to share she will understand. We say there is no one to understand me , but your maa is the one who will understand you.

    If you have your mother today with you, you have got the greatest happiness of your life.

    If u don't know how respect your mother , then spend time with her you will get it, and if you hate you mother , you are a Alive body without soul.

    Just like love is an emotion , maa is also an emotion ��

    I would love to dedicate few lines to all the mother's written by me.

    "Maa ho ,Maa
    Tum hi meri zindagi ho Maa
    Aai tu duniya ki sabse badi Shakti hai
    Aami tum meri sabse aachi dost ho
    Amaa tumne mujhe apne kokh mein jiss tarah rakha aaj bhi wese hi rakhlo na , iss duniya se chupake aapne paas.
    Maa ho , Maa
    Baas durr na jaana mujhse , mujhe aakela chodkar.
    Ho sake toh aapne saath le jana maa"

    Thank you Maa for giving birth to this world. I love you Maa❤️��

    Thank you , spread love ��

    BG: Me :)

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