• mikejay3 5w

    Food For Thought

    Motivating and believing
    is one of my strong suits.
    Admitting the truth is what
    We need to grab hold tightly to.
    Keep this in mind,
    think before reacting.
    Trust me it comes in handy.
    Procrastinating on goals
    isn’t the best option.
    It shall not be setback
    on the back burner.
    Be hungry for success.
    Leads to whatever it takes,
    the mindset, and work ethic
    Of persistent and consistent
    combines into one category.
    Which is.................
    I Have Nothing To Lose.
    Never in life should we settle
    for being comfortable.
    We should want more and then some.
    Now that’s what I call
    thinking outside of the box.
    We can all be skilled things.
    It just depends on how you
    use your skill to value others for success.