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    The research conducted on phone usage, it was found that an average person checks his phone every 15 minutes or less that goes to 150 times a day.
    Shockingly half of the time there is no alert, no notifications.

    The alert is coming from our head telling us
    "I haven't checked FB for a while I wonder what my friends are up to?"
    "I haven't posted anything in a while."
    "I wonder if somebody has commented on my last post."

    We start getting anxious and to overcome that anxiety we check in.

    These thoughts somewhere work as alert inside our heads asking us to get into these vicious traps of social media addictions that is more dangerous than any other addiction.

    Smoking vigorously affects our lungs.
    But living in the virtual world affects our soul, belief, the mentality, and in short, it takes away everything without giving an alert specifically.

    Checking likes is the new way of smoking.
    And some of the content served on social media is drugs in the green wrapper which is often not suitable for developing minds.

    The moment you wake up the cycle of anxiety begins.

    When you misplace your phone or when its battery is showing red signals out of 10 people, 9 feel this kind of anxiety once in a while.
    It is similar to a situation where drug addict not able to find his drugs.

    The hyper generational segregation of our time is Bizarre, unhealthy and historically unprecedented.

    We don't have enough in common because most of the time we are busy checking our phones and talking to someone sitting next to us is not easy because we like to live inside the world of filters.
    Where one doesn't know anyone, in reality, no one bothers to know anyone in real.

    A teenager putting filters on his pic because somewhere he feels he is not good enough.

    One can call it technology that is invented to make our life easy but it does not come labelled with its side effects which one often forget to notice.

    To live the real life, one should log out from this world and log in the natural world that also exists behind that shiny screen challenge yourself to live without it for some time and experience the world without anxiety.


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