• meenakshiinsan 6w

    Dear Self,
    I am sorry for not keeping you happy,for making you the person that is not your original version,for fetching you with feeling of negativity,for punishing you for the behavoiur of others,for weakening your personality and hurting you.I am sorry.
    I just want to say that I will never give you a chance to complaint again.I have a resolution for you.From today,infact from now,
    "I detach my self from negative thoughts.I will be positive in every situation as I used to be.I will never complaint for anything to anybody,instead I will be grateful for what I have.I will be kind,positive and full of compassion.I will avoid arguments and will be a part of constructive discussions.I will love selflessly.I will help selflessly,without expecting anything in return.I will not disturb my inner peace for the behaviour of others.I will keep myself calm and peaceful.Again,I repeat,I detach myself from all the negativities.I will be closer to the creator of universe and ofcourse closer to humanity."
    Yours Inner Voice.