• kauki1409 10w

    On a beautiful sunny day, I went out for a walk.
    Met people outside and made small talk.
    Thinking how great day it was to be alive,
    Sung the songs of love and life.
    Suddenly sky turned grey,
    And within a blink I was alone
    Gathering what was happening, and what was going wrong,
    I stood on a path that went long and long.
    Then there came a Gaint,
    Aiming for me.
    I ran for my life,
    not understanding why ME.
    Not knowing where to go,
    I knocked door after door.
    One said, everything will be fine,
    just ignore that you are in danger and relax.
    While other suggested that I go and face the monster.
    "Weird!",I thought and said "Why don't you just let me in for a while?"
    "Oh no honey, there's just room for one"
    Making up my mind to kill a demon,
    stood in front of it with a Strong-Mind weapon.
    I chased it for some time,
    but it suddenly disappeared
    and it was bright and sunny again