• aaronblackman 5w

    Act 2
    Amour interdit 3#

    Me: You really do not know a lot.
    Her: Yes
    Me: Did you really think I hated you that much?
    Her: Well yes...it felt like it. You always had this expression like you were just doing me a favor and you'd rather be doing something else
    Her: I always wondered what I did wrong. I decided to leave you to it.
    Me: It felt that way like you also didn't want to see me as well.
    Me: Well, I did want to see, however I was not going to show someone who clearly didn't want to have anything to do with me that I cared.
    Her: Why did you think I didn't want anything to do with you?
    Me: Do you know what failed us ? The fact we kept assuming when we could have just spoken to one another.
    Her: Yeah