• mad_man_tales 10w

    What do you do?

    What do you do?
    When fear takes over your mind,
    Have been deprived of your same kind..
    The sensation of feelings starting to crumble,
    With low blood pressure causing numbness to double..
    When frightfulness induces shivers,
    And you start to tremble ;

    What do you do?
    When you constantly struggle,
    To become acceptable,
    When you hit down and are too tired,
    When you fail to become self reliant..

    What do you do?
    When your self esteem starts to self choke?
    When you dream to smile
    Is an everlasting wish, another hope.
    When you start to appear dead..
    When you feel weak,
    And lay down in aloofness instead;

    What do you do?
    When you start to stray away from light?
    While your seek quiet nights,
    Yet, despite being there,
    You don't feel quite right.

    What do you do?
    When loneliness stars to seep in;
    While you continue to feel sinking,
    In your mind, continuously thinking,
    About a desperate feeling, seeking healing..
    Feeling as if dead, as you don't know swimming..

    What do you do?
    When you feel you have started to fade away?
    As if you were getting to the end game,
    When your soul is aflame;
    Burning constantly, endlessly,
    Yearning to proclaim, your identity,
    Yet you exclaim as you don't want to be in vain.

    What do you do?
    When you are troubled and struggle, to hold up,
    When you are curious to find your old self,
    Yet as you burn, down to ashes, you realize,
    Your conscious, is losing its rush,
    Due to constant failures, unholy urges,
    just to kill yourself,
    To untie itself of every emotion.

    What do you do?
    When you realise, you don't want to hide anymore..
    When you just want to fight little more,
    When your loneliness doesn't seem so fair ,
    As the one who lead you here, doesn't seem to care..

    What do you do?
    When you run about the same thought,
    To stop yourself from becoming another re-tard,
    When you don't want to be a controlled bot..
    Rather be the controller of these insane thoughts.!!

    What do you do?
    When you are put, dwelling in your inhumane thoughts;
    Constant efforts, you may frown, it may fraught,
    While your ability, starts to fail, as if you laid there,
    Pretty dead, yet you feel, why isn't this quite over yet?

    What do you do?
    When death is in your thoughts?
    When your mind pins you down and throws you out?
    Of itself slowly, as the force starts to devour you wholly;
    When you witness your consciousness crumbling closely..

    Constantly, experiencing a mental block..
    What do you do ?
    When you continue to suffocate,
    within these confined walls??
    What do you do??