• toothbrush24 5w


    Love is such a strange and foreign word. Many people interpret it in several different ways. Love for a friend that helps their companionship grow and flourish. Love for a lover that is capricious and fickle but is yet one of the most sought after. Love of making love that is fulfilling for a short while but then leaves the person with a larger void inside than before. Love for an item that makes life easier and more enjoyable. Love that is never ending and is ever satisfying. This can only be found in God. Yet, somehow I don't feel completely satisfied with that love. I want a mixture of three into one being. A being I can call my own and I can say I am theirs. I pine after a constant companion whom I can say I love and trust as a friend, and yet more. I dream of sharing a lover's love with someone who wouldn't hurt me and instead hold me. Lastly, I ache to make love to someone. To make the unbreakable bond of combining ones self to another. But, often on late nights like this I wonder if I was made to be alone. Devoid of such affection, and instead to devote myself to loving others with God's love. I know I should be happy with this, but I am selfish and pray for one to devote my everlasting love to.