• mageekpen1 10w

    Orchid dreams

    Orchid Dreams

    The orchid is flowering 
    a living mandala
    Next to my bed
    I hear it in my dreams 
    It's telling me very strange things
    About the chemistry between us
    And what being a flower really is
    And what it really means.

    There's a lot to learn.

    The orchid whispers in chemical symbols

    I danced through the night one night
    I drank water in the desert
    The sweetest taste, I've ever known
    I heard a sound I've never heard before 
    The buzzing of Chi
    Blowing in
    while the curtains fluttered 
    In the night time wind.

    Our time I know is limited
    Forever wilts away

    But while the orchid is flowering 
    That's for another day

    I find myself longing for the scent of the night and at least
    One more dream to go..

    Habeeb babatunde olayinka