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    #Aquarius #mirakee #writernetwork #zodiacsigns @mirakee @mirakeeworld. They are highly intelligent and make great friends with all very soon.

    They are pure at heart and always inclined to helps others all the way.

    They shine very well as “writers” and good spoke person.

    They are at times timid.

    They feel shy to exhibit their talents but their conversation is most interesting, instructive and informative.

    They are interested in astrology, psychology and healing arts. Many of them has the “Midas” touch in healing.

    They underestimate their capabilities while others find something unique and remarkable in them.

    Good judgement faculty.

    Acquire’s a fine education and are great listener.

    They are quick to forgive and forget.

    Very much attached to their spouse, they even never betray their enemies.

    They are vulnerable to diseases to incidental exposure to cold weather.

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    I am Aquarius zodiac sign"

    "Yes I am a aquarius zodiac sign person."
    "My positive traits :open-minded , Humanitarian,creative,intellectual.
    Negative traits:Impulsive, Unpredictable, Extremist.