• lunaeclipsed 20w

    I Was, Once

    I was attractive once,
    The conquest, prude,
    Any term their mouths could shape
    To protect their confidence.

    I was untouchable once:
    It added to my lore,
    Some claimed success,
    But my smirk disproved their lies.

    I was something once--
    Not a doe: I was not helpless--
    More like a redwood,
    Unforgettably magnificent.

    I was strong once,
    Able to take verbal hurricanes
    Without the slightest creak;
    Perhaps they even strengthened me.

    I was accompanied once,
    Standing myself with friends near,
    Protecting each other
    If ever we needed bracing.

    I was witness once
    To broadening views:
    After those near are harmed,
    Horizons open quickly.

    I was victim once,
    Cuts on limbs until crippled,
    Becoming whatever they wish,
    Losing magnificence, losing rarity,

    Losing all I once was,
    Made into a trophy:
    A crude, useless, carved figure:
    A terrified doe.