• vessel 9w

    The Beautiful Game

    It all started when I lost disgracefully

    It seemed impossible but it was done by DE IMPOSSIBLE.

    4-1. The shame on my face.

    “Let's play again.”, I said, like I had an ace.

    Game 2 started, I was already down to 2

    "This can't be it.", I thought in my oesophagus.

    I managed to pull 1 back, it seemed like a consolation.

    But I had no Idea what was planned in the constellations.

    A red card and it seemed like a comeback was on...

    And from 2-1, I saw myself leading 3-2. 

    But it wasn't over,

    A slowly taken corner,

    “I am DE IMPOSSIBLE!”, he hollered.

    As Aguero placed in the equaliser.

    “Let us play extra time.”, I said this time, with confidence.

    Malcom and Dembele

    Mahrez and Bernardo

    Substitutes in a war of 2 titan nations.

    90 minutes was what we needed to place 6 goals in the back of the net.

    Surprisingly, we scored the same in 30 minutes.

    And a 3-3 match ended 7-5. 

    I won't say who won,

    Just admire the fun,

     And a ton of unintended puns.