• prabhatkattel_ 6w


    Alas, you are a puppet!!!
    Sorry, you are a puppet!!!

    You don’t know yourself
    And you trust the greedy soul!

    The made-up smiles
    The faked advises
    You take it as if it was your mother
    But your mother would never want that

    The greedy soul never halts hunting
    In soft, loving ways- until your chest is emptied

    I had read it a thousand times
    In the life of both living and dead
    If you don’t think of what you have done
    And what you could have done
    You are lost in the abyss of demons!

    The devil is pushing you to rush!
    But remember, you, a beautiful soul
    Aren’t you rushing through the diamonds
    To meet nothing but rough stones!
    And to learn, you missed your life
    For serving the filthy soul