• ifewrite 6w

    Misery and power
    Love and hatred
    Truce and grieving
    Death and life
    All in one shell
    A presence of trauma
    Stirred in us all
    How can we escape?

    I don't think straight
    Uneven I was made
    By the heats of agony
    A similar view from hell
    My conscious flew
    Let down by the ballads
    Of skeptical men
    Hiking in a skeptic world
    How can we escape?

    Markets of sand
    A ruin of souls
    Little touched
    Withers in panic
    Thinking of men
    The only thing I see
    Weak and wealthy
    Healthy and needy
    Death awaits us
    How can we escape?

    Hey! I aim to find
    From the dept of my probes
    Then I may see again
    From the gaze of all faces
    And coarseness of their furs
    a soft say on my ears
    That men has no time
    And that Life has no end
    So I asked about death?
    Then I heard life voiced
    That the end only comes
    When a man stops to live
    So I promised to be as one
    Of those thousands who lives on earth
    That one of those far coming days
    I meet with death and says to him
    here I come far away
    Into another existence...
    A lopsided faith .

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    Twisted symphony

    A feeling I could not comprehend.