• shrey2310 6w

    Memories trapped inside photographs
    Warm piece of wool stored in cupboards
    And those essence of the ode so old
    Strangely they whispered, "Why we never change?"

    And strangely I'd reply, "Cause you're not living."
    Neither you can breathe air of betrayal
    Nor can you sense the warmth of love
    Neither can you taste this handful of care
    Nor can you care for bounty of acumen
    But you can heal others cause you can't change.

    And then I'd smile and wonder
    If that's what makes us human?

    We're sojourners moving round and round
    Country to country circling around
    Labyrinth we walk in, in the centre lies destiny
    And for that one destiny we change ourselves infinitely.
    Friends and love we leave behind,
    Letters of love saying goodbye
    Memories we keep untouched and serene
    And before changing anything
    The first that we change is "WE"

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