• kameronjoy 6w

    The Joker.

    While I was gone,
    I noticed.
    I noticed you.
    I felt your pain.

    We have an understanding,
    Just us two.
    An understanding of what others go through.

    I saw the lonely,
    I saw the depressed.
    I saw the crazed, the deranged and the oppressed.

    I saw the weak and I saw the strong,
    I discovered that a lot of people have things wrong.
    Happiness is missing in a lot of hearts today.
    I thought I had a brilliant plan,
    I wanted to help show them the way!

    I tried the best I could at the time,
    Shared some pictures, thoughts and a rhyme.
    It makes me feel real nice,
    When I get a few likes!
    I realise now what an idiot I'de been.
    People always get the wrong idea about me.

    When I came back,
    I noticed.
    I noticed others had already tried.
    In films, music or a book.
    The messages had already been there!
    But no one wants to look.

    I decided to stop trying so hard,
    And started to do my own thing
    I started shuffling the deck and drew a card...

    The Joker.


    Of course! That's me!