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    Anam Cara: Irish Gaelic for soul friend or soulmate. #love #life #poetry #thoughts

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    Anam Cara

    My random though that happened today,
    What if this world took you away?
    Not like you left me all alone here,
    But what if you never existed my dear?
    Would I ever find happiness if you didnt exist?
    Would I find the same love that I cant resist?
    Would I ever find the other part to my soul?
    The one person on earth who makes me feel whole.
    In searching for pieces all over the earth,
    For pieces of my soul, that was shattered at birth.
    I have learned that you held the one final part.
    The piece that gave me full use of my heart.
    I have never loved this deeply for surely it's true.
    I was always meant to end up with you.
    I may not be your first but I pray I'm your last,
    A man who can erase the pain from your past.
    The one to hold you until the very end,
    The one who will become your best friend.
    A man who only sees beauty when he looks your way,
    I swear I will love you til my dying day.
    And the last thing I'll whisper when my time is due,
    Is how much I have always adored you.